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... shouted a security officer, "DROP WHATEVER IT IS YOU'RE HOLDING!!!""What? But I didn't do anything!" shouted Meg, but then they released the dogs and she ran screaming. Peter, Stewie, and Chris were laughing their heads off as the dogs began mauling Meg."Peter, you know Zack's gonna kill you for this," said Brian."Nah, Zack's cool," said Peter, "He's cool about everything."End Flashback"YOU FAT BASTARD TURD!!!" shouted Zack as he grabbed Peter in a chokehold from behind and continiously knee'd him in his spine rather hard, "YOU WANT TO ENTERTAIN YOURSELF, GET A GAMEBOY BUT DO NOT HURT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!""You leave my dad alone!" shouted Chris."YOU WANT NEXT, TWINKIE???" shouted Zack as his eyes looked rather bloodshot."You know, Dad really needed to be taught a lesson," said Chris as he sat down."Some son you are," said Peter as Zack finally let him go, "Hey, Brian. That hot chick girlfriend of yours is here.""Jillian?" asked Brian, "What are you doing here?""I needed your help," Jillian explained, "Remember that computer you bought me? Well, it doesn't work.""Really?" asked Brian, "What did you do?""Well, I took it out of the box and I told it to work, but all it did was sit there," said Jillian."No way!" said Peter, "My computer did that to me too!""Did you try putting it together and then plugging it in?" asked Zack."Is that what that other stuff was for?" asked Jillian."Forget it," said Zack defeated."So anyway, Jillian," said Peter, "You wanna stay a little bit?"...
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