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...confused.Run six laps and not be tired or out of breath!OhhYou know, I dont really knowBut anyway, isnt it strange that XANA hasnt attacked sense weve been back. I mean, weve been back two weeks, and nothing!I looked over at her. You like going to Lyoko and fighting?No, Im just sayin that its a little strange is all. She shrugged and then ran off.Man, that girls crazy! I picked up my speed and then crossed the finish line. I fell on my stomach and took in as much air as I could, my lungs where on fire, as where my legs.Here ya go. Aelita said.I looked up to see her handing me a bottle of water. I greedily took it and gulped it down with a big thank you.I wonder what we have to do now Ulrich mumbled plopping down beside me.I dont know, anything but thatNow youre going to go up climb up the rock wall. Jim said cutting me off.Great I mumbled rolling my eyes. I was so scared of heights.Alright, Dunbar, Stern, youre up! Jim yelled. I heard Ulrich let out a large and long sigh before getting up while mumbling Scared of heights and then took his position in front of the wall.William made it to the top first, of cores, while Ulrich made it up half way before falling and earning a chorus of laughter from everyone.As Jim called out more names my thoughts drifted to Lyoko, XANA, and my sister. What could XANA have possibly meant when he said I need to get rid of the strongest links last year. I never really got it, because doesnt Aelita h...
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