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...VE YOU NOW SPONGE!!" he shrieked as he lunged towards Spongebob.Thinking fast, Spongebob entered Anime Cutscene Mode and grabbed Gary and ripped off his shell. Then he poured the jizzy milk into the shell as he cut Gary to bits to get the last laugh. Then he pooped into the shell and stirred the contents thoroughly with his newly grown dick while peeing at the same time. By the time he added a few other choice ingredients into the shell, Anime Cutscene Mode had ended and Squidward was less than three feet away, swinging down on the sponge for the final blow. Before he could strike down the sponge, however, Spongebob jammed the shell onto his greasy fish head.Squidward stopped all movement as he started to melt seconds later, "I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME, SPONGEBOB DICKPANTS!!" he yelled one last time before his maniacal laughter faded to silence as he melted into a puddle of himself, along with the late Gary's shell.Having defeated the insane hanyou octipi, Spongebob let out a victory cry, "WHOOOOOOOOO!!" he yelled out as he picked up Tetsusaiga to share the victory with before he sheathed it back into his ass. Spongebob then ran around what little remained of his pineapple house with his arms up in the air, letting his victory be heard throughout the ocean.He spent the rest of the day doing just that.Later, at night, he got bored of running around like an idiot and went ba...
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