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...a faint smile. Perry, he thought dimly. I wonder why they named him that? The question was, admittedly, a bit of a non-sequitur, but it was a nice change from the direction his thoughts had been heading in a moment before.He liked Perry. Perry was quiet. He didnt trail him everywhere he went, and he didnt avoid him either. And with the bizarre combination of a beaver-tail and a ducks bill, he looked out of place no matter where you put him. I can empathize with that.The odd creature came to a stop right beside him, blinking up at him and chattering his teeth again. Ferb reached down to pet him, fingers trembling slightly, although he wondered if platypuses even liked that. The fact that he didnt get bitten told him this particular one at least tolerated it.The physical contact calmed his nerves considerably, and he took a deep breath, counting silently to ten as he let it out. Hed heard that petting dogs or cats was supposed to lower stress levels apparently it worked with platypuses as well.Ferb? Yokay? He looked up again as the sleep-slurred voice of his stepbrother broke in on his thoughts. He nodded silently, not getting up. Perry growled softly once again and lumbered towards the other boy.Whatca doin up?Ferb shrugged and got to his feet. Why did you name hi...
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