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..."Bring it!" Caleb told him as the fight went on.....But Matt was worried.He could see the fight and knew Vathek was fighting a quickly losing battle. He had to do something and quick. He thn transformed into Shagon."I know this is a bad idea but Vathek won't be able to stop him.I have to try!" he thought as he landed beside Cornelia. The Guardian of Earth was frightened by what was going on. Caleb had never acted like this before. Matt could relate to how Will thought when Nerissa made him into Shagon."Don't worry I'm going to try and get Caleb to stop." Matt told her as Vathek tried to get to his feet but was tired and very hurt from the battle. He gasped seeing Shagon."M-Matt what're you doing?" the ogre asked him softly."Trying to stop Caleb and bring him back to his senses." he answered."N-No!It's too dangerous to try and Will may never forgive me if you got hurt because of this." he said gritting his teeth to ignore the intense pain he was in.Caleb smiled seeing Shagon."Finally a worthy foe!Did the Guardians send you?" Caleb cackled."No they didn't but I want to help you.Phobos twisted your mind with his dark magic, making you hurt those who care about you especially Vathek and Cornelia." Matt answered but before they could fight, Cornelia stood in their way."What're you doing?" Matt asked confused.|"Caleb if I come with you, will you spare Shagon and leave Vathek alone?" the Guardian of Earth said.Matt gasped in shock at this ...

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