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...ful expression of his as he chuckled a bit. After a few minutes of warm silence between them as they lay there, Tenten frowned before she sat up to face her blond lover. She was not shameful of him seeing her nakedness, especially not after what they done intimately together. "Naruto Can you tell me what in Kami you did to drive me sexually insane yesterday? You had a strong scent, and now that I think about it, you must have placed some powerful pheromones on your body to get me to that state." Her arms crossed over her chest to show her seriousness. "Start explaining." Naruto sighed as he frowned. He knew pretty soon or later she would bring up the subject. "It's pretty much Ero-sennin's fault, Tenten," he began prior to getting out of bed to walk to the dresser to pick up something and then coming back to present the item to his female friend. Getting her slight blush under control after seeing his toned unclad form, Tenten took the item and stared at it puzzlingly. "Sage Deodorant?" "Yeah, I found that here the day we came back from Suna. Ero-sennin left me a note, telling me this deodorant was from him. Knowing him, I had a nagging feeling he was up to something, but I didn't listen to my guts. I used it for the first time yesterday." Realization came to Tenten. "So this was what I smelled from you?" she asked, looking from the deodorant up into unwav...

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