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... eating a banana. But as he was watching her eat the banana, he took it the wrong way; Kaa was thinking about how sexual it was how she was eating the banana. Kaa began to sweat and shiver. He spirals his eyes hypnotically out of excitement. Then he snuck into the 2nd floor by climbing up on the balcony and opens the door to the bedroom. He slithers inside, closes the balcony door, and crawls under the bed waiting for his prey. 10 minutes later, Kaa hears her coming up the stairs. The door opens and he sees her feet walking towards the bed. Sabrina: Well, I might as well go to bed nowÖ Iím so tired. Kaa (thinking): Thatísssss right! Go to bed, young girl-cub. It was 9:27 PM, and Sabrina was already fast asleep. Kaa then began to take action; he slithered out from underneath the bed and crawled onto the bed where she sees the beautiful girl-cub. Kaa hisses loudly, intending to wake her upÖ Sabrina (wakes up): Huh? (Sees Kaa, frightened) EEEEEK!!!! SNAKE!!! (Jumps out of bed)! Kaa: Calm down, little one. Iím not gonna hurt you. Sabrina: Huh? A talking snake? Who are you? Kaa: My name isssss Kaa, niccccce to meet you. Whatíssssss your name? Sabrina: S-S-SabrinaÖ Kaa: SSSSSabrina, eh? Thatís a niccccce name. Sabrina (calms down and smiles): Thanks! Kaa looks at her body for a quick moment, and then looks back at Sabrina. Kaa: SSSSSSabrina, you donít mind if I ssssstay here in your cabin for a while, right? Sabrina: Oh no, not at all...
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