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...d Rex then started shaking. Kenwyn backed up in waiting to see what would happen, Rex's right arm began vibrating like crazy as he made a giant fist only it was blue and had a door with vault combination on the opposite side of the palm. The fist smacked down into the floor, the combo rotated and opened the door. Out walked an gel humanoid that had a robotic eye that had a blue laser scan Kenwyn. A blue laser light linked with Rex's right eye, the arm went back to normal as the gel changed into Rex himself. Both Rex's grinned as they ran forward at Kenwyn who screamed with happiness as they picked her up. Kenwyn was laid to the ground gently as the first Rex said, "I think I'll call myself Generator since I generator images, but you can call me Gen for short." Rex then said, "kay, Gen, let's get to work. 19 minutes and we're booking it." Rex started lightly groping Kenwyn's breasts while Gen licked Kenwyn's pussy. Kenwyn was moaning as she felt the two go to work on her, "*Moan* Oh, Rex! My god Gen, please stick in your *Moan* more. Rex li*Moan*ck more." Rex complied licking her right tit more. Gen then started rubbing gently Kenwyn's anus, Rex then pinched her left nipple gently. Kenwyn moaned as Gen moved his hand to his cock gett...
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