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...'s in my room! Quick, focus on something else, anything else! Unfortunately Kim's mind kept coming back to, it's Shego, Shego's in my room, I have the world's most dangerous and wanted woman in my room and I'm almost naked. No, focus, she's pardoned! But still, it's Shego, in MY room! I'd rather be caught naked by the press than this. Well no, no I wouldn't; but this is 'So the Drama'. Eventually, her mind calmed down a bit from the initial shock of seeing Shego after almost a year, and she started to realize what else was wrong with the picture. The pale-green woman wasn't wearing her customary figure hugging catsuit, just normal clothes, even if they were her usual black and green colors. The ex-villain's pale lips were bare and unadorned, absent was the black lipstick the teen hero was used to seeing. Without the harsh lines her face seemed so much younger. In fact, how old was she? Lastly, gone were the clawed gloves that, for years, had threatened the young hero with so much bodily harm. Is this really my Shego? Kim wondered. Wait, what!? Did I say that, My Shego? Gawd, I must be losing it. "Sooo, Princess," Shego's soft warm voice purred in her ear. "It's been a while since I've seen you. And I gotta say, I'm a little annoyed that you seem to have so easily replaced me for our weekly tussles." Oh yes, that's my Shego all right. Kim tried to suppress her...
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