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... so unexexpected. He remembered the first time they'ddone this. They were both kids, hanging out together at the creek in the forestone afternoon. They'd been skinnydipping and were lying on the bank, stillnaked. Dale had kissed him from out of the blue and Chip was surprised to findhimself kissing b One One thing led to another swiftly for two young boys whowere just starting to discover their own sexuality. The memory was so vivid,Chip could almost feel the summer sun on his chest as he lost himself in Dale'sloving lips.Dale began to bob his head up and down on the warm 'munk penis. He knew how muchChip liked that. It made him feel doubly good to know how much he was pleasingChip. He loved him deeper than either of them fully knew. Dale had been in lovewith him from the first day they'd met. He bit playfully at Chip, just hardenough to hurt a bit. He knew his friend liked it a little rough.Chip leaned back against the wall and let the wonderful sensations overtake him.He winced and moaned each time Dale's teeth clenched at his most sensitiveorgan. He felt Dale open his mouth wide to pull his entire length in along withhis ballsacshivshiver of pleasure shuddered through him. He grasped at Dale'sfuzzy ears, tenderly kneading them in his paws.The taste of Chip...
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